Program Development/Presentation Internship Opportunity

The Humane Society of the Black Hills (HSBH), a non-profit, open admission animal shelter serving Rapid City and surrounding counties for more than 50 years, has a 6-week summer 2018 internship opportunity for a motivated, self-directed, student studying education or a related field.

The HSBH is seeking an intern to develop an education program for middle school-aged students and present the program to youth during a three-week period in July 2018. This is an unpaid internship though a reasonable stipend will be provided for workday lunches and housing may be available.

Program Expectations:
Educate youth on the operations and activities of the HSBH including an animal’s path to adoption, transfer, or euthanasia; define and discuss “humane” as it relates to the management of animal populations; help young people understand responsible pet ownership and animal safety issues. Hands on learning could include the microchip process and providing a shelter exam.

Our goal with this program is to create an engaging, educational program for young men and women in our communities which will guide them towards being good stewards of animal populations and responsible pet owners.

Intern will present the program over the course of three weeks in July hosting two-day workshops of four hours each day. This schedule can be modified based on the program.

NOTE: This is not an existing program – the intern will create a new, unique program with support from HSBH director and staff but will largely be responsible for the program’s creation and implementation. The HSBH also has an active volunteer program should volunteers be needed to assist with the classes.

Time Commitment from intern:
3 week program development, 40 +/- hours per week
3 week program presentation

To learn more about this opportunity or the HSBH, contact:

Jerry Steinley, Resource Development Director, (605) 341-3217, or email