Two short years ago, the Humane Society of the Black Hills actually closed to the public for more than a month doing only limited intake and outdoor adoptions. We weren’t alone, of course, as business after business restricted public access, curtailed services, or just plain closed in an effort to deal with Covid-19. Leading up to that closure, we were enjoying unprecedented appearances in schools, businesses, and social clubs. We saw growth and outreach in our future – and we thoroughly enjoyed it because it directly supports our mission: Serving Animals, Serving Community.

Sadly, today we only enjoy limited public appearances somewhat due to ongoing Covid concerns and somewhat due to simply spending time doing other things meaning, simply, we’ve gotten out of the habit. We would like to see that change and be an active part of our community activities once again, however.

If your club or organization needs a guest speaker, give us a call. We can’t get to everything, of course, but sure will give every request honest consideration. After two long years of being tucked away, we’re ready to get back out there.

The Humane Society of the Black Hills works hard to secure the community’s respect, support, and trust; being out there speaking, talking about services, and learning about the community’s needs are key to caring for thousands of animals each year.