Spring marks the busy season for most nurseries and flower shops as everyone is excited to start planting. One of the most common early spring flowers to either plant, or purchase, is the Easter Lily. While beautiful in sight and smell, lilies are toxic and even deadly to our furry friend, the cat.

With no antidote, just one bite into this plants petal, leaf, or stem can wreak havoc on your cat’s digestive system. This danger also includes the pollen and the water that the plant is in. If interactions with this plant are left untreated, your cat will quickly develop kidney failure and can die within 72 hours. Easter Lilies are not the only lilies that are deadly to our beloved 4-legged friends. Tiger Lilies, Rubrum Lilies, and some Day Lilies are also quite poisonous. If ever there were a plant to protect your fur babies from, these would be it.

Some people suggest keeping the plant out of possible reach from the cat. While in theory this sounds good, what most people forget is that the pollen can fall from the plant and land on surfaces that the cat can lick and ingest. Again, even the pollen can be deadly to them.

With so many types of flowers and plants, it can be hard to know which ones are safe and which are not. Pet Poison Helpline – https://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/ – is a great source to find out the facts about plants you may be bringing into your home or planting in your garden. The best prevention is avoidance. There are many other safe spring flowers that can decorate your Easter table and yard with just as much beauty. If it still doesn’t feel like spring without a Lily, visit your local craft store for some convincing, but fake ones. Your friends will never know, but your cats will appreciate you for life!