A dedicated foster family helps a lucky dog become another success story at the Humane Society…

At the Humane Society of the Black Hills (HSBH), more than 5,000 animals of all species, sizes, and conditions come through the doors every year. As an open-admission shelter, there is no limit as to what we may see. In a particular case this February, we were reminded of the extreme situations animals face while in the elements on their own.

Squints, a tiny Shepherd-mix puppy, arrived at the humane society in February after wandering Rapid City streets at just six weeks old. He was hungry, dehydrated, lethargic, and suffering from a severe case of mange that left him with minimal hair on his body. The HSBH medical team began immediate evaluation and assessment of his skin’s condition to determine the best route of recovery.

As soon as Squints settled in at the Humane Society, treatment of his mange began. Medicated baths, antibiotics, and ointment were given to help slow the advancement of his mange.

After two rocky weeks of medicating and observing here at the Humane Society, Squints was well enough for the next step in his road to recovery — foster care.

With his foster family, Squints learned confidence, training, and most of all, earned a new name to fit his courageous personality: Sarge. Mange couldn’t stop this pup from playing and learning like a normal puppy.

With each checkup, we watched him improve both physically and mentally. His hair began to grow back and irritation to his skin reduced. He was more lively with every visit and sought out attention from new people. Nine weeks after his arrival, he was given a forever family.

This lucky dog’s journey went from “homeless” to “adopted” in just two short months.

Sarge now has a “big sister” named Isabella, an endless supply of toys, and unlimited, unconditional love from his new family.

No matter the state of our community, animals need our help. Our mission of “Serving Animals. Serving Community” does not cease. With the help of our supporters, we can continue to care for thousands of animals like this lucky pup each year.

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