I want to sincerely thank those who have supported the Humane Society of the Black Hills with financial support, donations of blankets and toys, supply drives, adoptions, or care for an animal in foster. And I won’t forget our generous media friends, veterinarians, and pet store partners – the list can go on and on. I say this often and mean it: We couldn’t do this without all of you.

Moving forward we will continue to meet our mission – Serving Animals, Serving Community – and again your support will make it possible. We don’t expect animal intake numbers to decrease in 2023; we’re actually anticipating more animals will come through the doors of this open admission shelter. In January, for instance, we helped 50 more animals than in the same time period last year. That’s probably a trend that will continue. There are several factors that are leading to more animal intake, but I think the most obvious one is our growing community and rapid expansion in neighboring communities. More people. More animals in need.  The Humane Society of the Black Hills will be facing some new and very real challenges in coming years, but we’ll continue to serve the animals in need and your support will make it possible.