Volunteers help thousands of animals through their tireless efforts

Humane Society volunteers are true animal advocates. Their dedication does not stop at dog-walking and cat-cuddling. Volunteers often put their unique skills to work to ensure shelter pets have a comfortable, happy experience. Terry Fuller, another longtime Humane Society volunteer, did just that.

Since 2017, Terry and his wife have been very involved in the cat socialization portion of our volunteer program. The Fullers heard about our March for Cats campaign — a campaign aimed to raise funds for cat care and enrichment at the Humane Society of the Black Hills — in early 2020. When word spread of plans to update the shelter’s free-roam cat room in celebration of the March for Cats campaign, Terry offered his knowledge and talent in engineering and woodworking to lend a hand in the complete remodel of what is now “Kitty Land.”

While our doors were closed to the public, Terry dedicated around 80 hours of hard, seamless work to create brand new structures for feline residents to exercise and lounge upon. Thanks to the incredible planning and construction put in by volunteers and staff, Kitty Land is now complete and open to kittens and cats waiting for forever homes.

Terry and Barb Fuller take a moment for a photo with one of their cats, Niki. A skilled woodworker, Terry hand crafted the new fixtures in Kitty Land, seen in the photo below

Even with the ongoing uncertainty, the Humane Society of Black Hills operation continues.  Stacy, pictured left, has been volunteering with the Humane Society of the Black Hills since October 2016. She has dedicated over 250 hours to animals as a Humane Society volunteer.  Stacy’s love for animals is undeniable.  She is committed to being a voice for pets in need

She tells Humane Society staff “it is a dream to be here with animals every day.”

During the changes our community has faced amidst COVID-19, Stacy, among many other incredible volunteers, devotes time every morning to walking dogs at the Humane Society of the Black Hills.  Volunteers help four legged residents stay happy and healthy while they await families of their own.


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