Serving Animals
Shags came to the Humane Society of the Black Hills in early May in tough shape. She had remains of porcupine quills around her head, she had a serious infection from a bullet wound on the right side of her face, and she was pregnant.

We don’t know Shags’ history before we brought her to the Humane Society from another shelter, but we know that like several other animals in need, she has a good shot at recovery and being successfully placed in a loving home now that’s she’s with us.

Shag’s next stop on her journey through the Humane Society will be placing her in a foster home until her infection subsides and her baby is weaned. While she’s with a volunteer foster, she’ll continue to receive medical care from the Humane Society team until she’s ready for adoption.

Shags’ adventure is one we’re proud to be part of and it exemplifies the first part of our mission “Serving Animals.”

But the second part of our mission – Serving Community – is never far behind.


Serving Community
Community is crucial to the success of the Humane Society of the Black Hills and our ability to Serve Animals.

To address community needs and strengthen our community ties this year, the Humane Society of the Black Hills worked with the City of Rapid City to revise and draft new city ordinances relating to animals. The ordinance revisions (still in approval process at time of printing) would clean up unclear language and definitions. There were other changes suggested to the animal ordinances but, in general, this was a long overdue revision that, we believe, if passed helps protect animals and members of the community.

We had also planned to break ground this month on a public event area at the Humane Society. We were excited about the project for what it would bring to our outreach capabilities but underestimated the rising product costs brought on by the pandemic and the construction boom. Sadly, our project bid was outside our scope and will be revisited when prices cool down. We are still planning events for the summer and fall at the Humane Society so join us! We have had too many months of solitude and are ready to embrace activity again.

And we won’t fail to mention the tremendous staff that provides the community with excellent service and the animals with excellent care.

Pictured are some of the folks that make the Humane Society a successful, active organization following a simple mission that’s full of complexities