Ever wonder where those incredible feline photos you see on our website, or maybe the pet of the week images in the local newspaper, come from? Thank Steph – a talented, dedicated, and kindhearted volunteer with an eye for a great photo!

Steph has been photographing animals at the Humane Society of the Black Hills (HSBH) for nearly four years. Steph said she began her volunteering journey at various humane societies while in college as she honed her skills in photography, a long time hobby and true passion.

Steph said she loves animals and has a big heart, so when the HSBH put out a call for volunteer photographers in 2017, she thought, “wow, that’s something I can really help with!” Steph works hard to capture the animals’ true personalities in her photos and said she takes time to get to know them and let them warm up to her and her camera. She said her favorite part of volunteering is loving on all of the animals she works with.

Her most memorable volunteering moment, she said, is of the time she photographed a 12-year-old Labrador for a pet of the week feature.  “I spent a long time trying to get the right photo,” she said. “The next week, Jerry emailed me and said a woman saw my photo in the paper, and she fell in love and adopted him. I remember reading the email and bursting into tears… That’s why I keep doing this. If I can help one dog or one cat get adopted, then it will all be worth it.”