Assisting an animal in need is an incredibly fulfilling experience, and fostering is just one of many ways you can do this. Animal shelters rely heavers rely heavily on their foster programs every year to give these animals a better chance at life. Fostering not only benefits the animals but also helps to free up space in the shelters for other animals in need. Let us not forget the feeling you’ll also receive when you see your foster baby all grown up and in their new forever home, knowing you changed a life and made a difference.

When animals are placed in a foster home, they have the opportunity to develop essential life skills that will enable them to thrive in their permanent home. These skills range from simple potty training to basic manners and socialization. Through interactions with people, these animals will become more well-rounded and develop important social skills. Moreover, fostering enables us to gather information about the animal to find its perfect forever home.

Foster is especially crucial for vulnerable neon ate kittens who require round the-clock care. With the arrival of spring, shelters are inundated with dozens of kittens,and fosters are beyond valuable in caring for these helpless creatures until they are ready for adoption. Many neon ate kittens come in without a mother and must be bottle-fed every few hours. You can imagine the commitment this takes but also the reward of seeing them grow up into the kittens you helped shape them to be.

Foster also provides an excellent opportunity for those considering adding a furry companion to their family. It allows individuals to determine if they are ready for the responsibility of pet ownership and if a particular animal is a good fit for them. There is something to be said about when animals choose their humans. While we may be looking for the right animals for us, they are also looking for the right human for them.

The Humane Society of the Black Hills makes fostering a seamless experience by providing fosters with everything they need to care for their foster animals. All one needs to do is fill out the fostering forms and we’ll match them with their ideal foster animal. Our goal is to make the fostering experience both positive and rewarding for everyone involved.